ecoAdaptive Strategies

Barbara D. Janusz BA, LLB Consulting

Home of the ecoSWOT and of author, Barbara D. Janusz.  I launched the ecoadaptivestrategies website in 2010 while waiting (impatiently) to hear about my first novel, Mirrored in the Caves, published in 2012 by Inanna Publications and Education Inc., an academic press, affiliated with Canadian Women Studies at York University.

Our mission is to empower our clients to manage risks, plan for sustainable business continuity and to put into practice resilient adaptive strategies.

The ecoSWOT is an indispensable management tool for economic stewardship and formulating a short or long term strategic business plan, the SWOT has recently undergone a radical transformation.  The ecoSWOT is an analysis of both the internal factors – strengths and weaknesses, (over which a business exerts control), and external factors – opportunities and threats – but with the differentiating and overriding objective of reducing an organization’s carbon footprint.

By incorporating the Triple Bottom Line, as a new measure of performance – linking economic, social and environmental (profit, people and the planet) elements – organizations position themselves to adopt more resilient strategies, effectively manage risk and to become stewards of the economy in which they operate.